Polish energy system

PSE S.A. is the Polish Transmission System Operator who is responsible for ensuring reliability and stability of electricity supply to the customers. PSE S.A. holds 50 per cent of shares in LitPol Link sp. z o.o.

One of the main objectives of PSE S.A. is to ensure secure and cost-effective operation of the Polish Transmission System, taking account of cross-border exchanges in electricity. PSE S.A. is responsible for the national security of electricity supply by responsible and sustainable operation, maintenance, repair and development of the transmission system, taking into account the local environmental issues.

PSE S.A., as an owner of stations and high voltage transmission lines, effectively maintains electricity traffic in the transmission system, at the same time ensuring reliability and quality of energy supply, and also coordinates the partial works of 110 kV network with cooperation of the Distribution System Operators. The Polish Energy System is the largest system in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). It consists of the following main areas: electricity generation (power plants, combined heat and power plants, renewable and diffuse sources of energy), power energy transmission - energy transfer from plants to distribution companies through high voltage grids (220 kV and 400 kV), and distribution and supply of power energy to end consumers, through distribution grids (110 kV voltage or lower) owned by the distribution system operators. PSE SA is the transmission system operator operating through a high-voltage transmission network composed of (as of 31 December 2013):

- 246 lines with the total length of 13,519 km, including:

  • one 750 kV-line with the total length of 114 km,
  • seventy seven 400 kV-lines with the total length of 5,383 km,
  • one hundred sixty eight 220 kV-lines with the total length of 8,022 km,

- 103 high voltage substations,

- SwePol Link 450 kV HVDC submarine connection between Poland and Sweden, with the total length of 254 km.

Additional information about PSE S.A.

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