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LitPol Link will contribute to the creation of a common European energy market by integrating the electricity grids of the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) and other EU markets, including the Polish power system, and will improve energy supplies for the industry and final consumers. According to the European Commission, the LitPol Link power interconnection will make the Baltic States more independent in terms of energy supplies from Russia.

We do realize how important the issues of energy security and energy supplies are for Poland and the Baltic States these days. LitPol Link and similar projects respond to the problems of energy dependence and are vital for the completion of the European single market in energy. Johannes Hahn, the European Commissioner for regional policy

The key benefits of the LitPol Link power interconnection are the improved safety and stability of energy supplies, and the possibility to exchange electricity between the Baltic States and the Western Europe. This link is a part of the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan (BEMIP), which was called into existence to create an integrated energy market in the region of the Baltic Sea until 2015, and to eliminate EU regions that are isolated in terms of energy supply.

At the national level, the impact of this initiative will be evident in a well-developed power grid in north-east of Poland and southern Lithuania, with improved overall performance of the power grid, higher reliability of supplies and better power transmission throughput across the border. The power bridge will make both countries and the whole Baltic region much safer in terms of energy supplies.

The power interconnection between Lithuania and Poland can also be seen as a great opportunity for economic development of the region. Investments in the power sector in the south of Lithuania will introduce more stability and reliability of energy supplies, a condition precedent for more dynamic economic development. Expansion of the power grid will not only offer continuous energy supplies at the local level, but will also make the whole region more attractive for future investors, with more prospects for higher economic growth.

Today the construction works are well under way, following a long and strenuous period of preparatory works, including planning and building permits, which took 5 years to complete both in Poland and Lithuania. Last but not least, the project would never have reached the current state without the political will and the people involved in the LitPol Link project, sharing their invaluable knowledge and experience. Artūras Vilimas, CEO of “LitPol Link”

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