Painting exhibition “The Light Factor” opens in Alytus

September 14, 2016

The painting exhibition “The Light Factor” will be opened on 15 September, at 3:00 p.m., in Jurgis Kunčinas Library in Alytus. The exhibition, covering the theme of light, is the result of the joint open-air workshop of young artists from Lithuania and Poland. Paintings will be introduced by the organisers of the open-air workshop.

In September 2015, students from Poland and Lithuania held an international open-air painting workshop “The Light Factor” in Druskininkai District. Twenty students from Vilnius Academy of Arts and Lodz University of Technology, assisted by their teachers, created pieces of art drawing their inspiration from the Lithuanian landscape for ten days. Light plays a different role in all these works: it is sometimes expressed through reflections and sometimes through forms.

The students from two neighbouring countries shared experience, learned to cooperate and became acquainted with each other’s culture. After the open-air workshop was over, the students admitted that they mainly knew their neighbours from stereotypes yet had a chance to change them after meeting and talking to each other.

The open-air workshop has been organised by the Lithuanian-Polish joint venture LitPol Link for the second year in a row. In 2014, a similar open-air workshop was held in Poland. Both open-air workshops have been organised on the occasion of the first joint Lithuanian-Polish power interconnection, which was under construction back in 2014 and was put into operation in December 2015.

The exhibition will be opened at Seirijų g. 2, Alytus. Entrance is free.

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