Power interconnection LitPol Link has crossed the border and is approaching completion

September 30, 2015

The border crossing part of the power bridge between Poland and Lithuania has been completed. Wires were successfully stretched between the 400kV overhead line pylons located at the opposite sides of the border. The LitPol Link power interconnection works are approaching completion, the link will be operational in three months.

LitPol Link interconnection consists of 163 km long 400kV overhead line between two 400kV transformer substations in both ends of the line - Alytus in Lithuania and Elk Bis in Poland, and a 500 MW HVDC (high voltage direct current) back-to-back converter station near 330 kV Alytus switchyard.

All wires of 400kV overhead line are stretched on the pylons in Poland, while in Lithuania approximately 20 kilometres of wires still need to be stretched, and several pylons are to be installed. Works on the Lithuanian side of the overhead line are expected to be finished by the end of October and are intensively progressing.
Everyone involved in the project had a very busy summer putting all efforts to finish the project on time and to make sure the link would be able to transmit electricity already this December. Mr. Daivis Virbickas, Chairman of the Board and CEO at Litgrid

Last week progress of works both in Poland and in Lithuania was reviewed by representatives of 12 embassies of European Union countries, including representatives from Norway, Japan and the United States, who paid a visit to a site. They acknowledged LitPol Link interconnection as a crucial step in securing the energy supply in the region, as well as linking the countries with other EU markets.

The newly built interconnection will have significant impact on the electricity markets integration and development in Europe. By connecting Baltic countries to the European Continental grid for the first time in history, it will complete “Baltic Ring” - the network of all power grids surrounding the Baltic Sea” Artūras Vilimas, CEO of “LitPol Link” and President of the Management Board

400 kV Elk Bis substation in Poland and 330 kV substation in Alytus were finished in the beginning of the month. Final parts of the equipment are being installed in the 500 MW HVDC back-to-back converter station and the 400 kV substation near Alytus in Lithuania. Wires of LitPol Link overhead line crossed the Lithuanian-Polish border this week, symbolically merging the project works in both countries.

While constructions are being finalised, electricity transmission system operators - Litgrid AB in Lithuania and PSE SA in Poland - are working on preparation for operation, exploitation, maintenance, system control, and electricity market changes related to LitPol Link interconnection. Artūras Vilimas, CEO of “LitPol Link”
LitPol Link with the capacity of 500 MW will be completed this December.