Documentary about LitPol Link power interconnection construction

April 7, 2016

We are pleased to announce a release of a documentary film which shows key works performed in order to construct power interconnection between Poland and Lithuania, called LitPol Link.

The link of 500 MW capacity has connected Lithuanian and Polish power infrastructures for the first time in history and is now an integral part of energy systems of both countries. Baltic States countries: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are now connected to Continental Europe grid. After the start of regular operations on the Lithuanian-Polish interconnection, energy on the electricity market available through the new link can be traded through power exchanges Nord Pool Spot and Towarowa Giełda Energii.

Based on market information in the first months of use of LitPol Link power interconnector, we can see that the newly constructed link has been heavily utilized, which testifies a European and regional need for integration of previously isolated energy markets. Diversification of transmission capacities from cross-border interconnections is extremely important for increase of the security of supply in the region. Both Poland and Lithuania have now enhanced their energy security through the ability to import and export power from wide area of European market. A reliable infrastructure is the key element and the platform for uninterrupted exchange and supply of electricity, which determines European economic growth in the future. said Artūras Vilimas, President of the Management Board of “LitPol Link” company

By constructing a new interconnection the following objectives were achieved:

  • Connecting infrastructure and integrating “isolated energy islands” with the internal EU energy market, as power systems and energy markets of Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) were previously not connected to continental Europe grid;
  • Increasing the security of supply in the Baltic Sea Region, in particular for Lithuania and Poland;
  • Completing a Baltic Ring power systems surrounding the Baltic Sea region and increasing reliability systems which contributes to efficient utilization of the combined production resources for the benefit of society, welfare and environment;
  • Fostering the processes of creating a feasible energy market in Europe.

We are happy that the new link increases security of energy supply in particular in North-Eastern Poland, which has relatively few sources of installed power generation. said Andrzej Kurpiewski, Vice-President of the Management Board of “LitPol Link” company

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