LitPol Link power bridge will be delivered on schedule

February 10, 2015

The construction of the European priority project, the high voltage power interconnection LitPol Link between Poland and Lithuania is progressing according to the planned timeline. Scheduled to be finished in December 2015, the interconnection aims to close off the so-called Baltic Ring, a network of power connections surrounding the Baltic Sea region, and eliminate the existing “energy islands” in the internal European Union electricity markets. The three Baltic countries - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - will be connected to a Continental Europe power grid.

We are extremely satisfied that the construction of this strategic project is proceeding on or, in some cases, even ahead of schedule on both sides of the border – in Lithuania and Poland. Consequently we are getting closer to the goal of closing the ring of power interconnections around the Baltic Sea. After five years of preparations and two years of construction with dozens of people involved in both countries, the LitPol Link power bridge is to be finished by the end of 2015. LitPol Link will be the first electricity interconnection linking Polish and Lithuanian power grids with planned capacity of 500 megawatts from end of December 2015. Artūras Vilimas, CEO of “LitPol Link”

Construction of a 400 kV double circuit high voltage overhead line on the Polish side, extending from Elk Bis substation to Polish-Lithuanian border, should be finished in October 2015. The majority of foundation units for pylons are completed and steel pylons are being installed.  Wires installation works continue throughout 30 km of the line, which stretches 112 km on Polish side. Meanwhile, a similar power line extending for 51 km from Alytus substation in Lithuania to Lithuanian-Polish border, will be finished in July 2015.

Both substations in Elk and Alytus, needed for the interconnection, will be fully reconstructed by July this year. All foundations and metal structures are installed, equipment and materials are already delivered on sites for construction while ground levelling and road building works will continue through spring.

The HVDC (high voltage direct currant) converter station with a 400 kV switchyard close to Alytus in Lithuania shall be finished in December 2015. Construction works continue in a few areas including construction of the valve hall of converter station, main control building, filter yards, transformer foundations, lightning towers foundations and parts of the switchyard.

In the beginning of February, the most crucial elements of the interconnection - the first two transformers, 400 kV and 330 kV, for the converter station were delivered to Alytus site. The transformers were produced in the Swedish factory of ABB, the main provider of power and automation equipment for LitPol Link project. A total of eight transformers will be installed in the converter station, two of which are planned as reserve ones. The remaining transformers will be delivered on site by May 2015.

The HVDC converter station is the most important and most technologically complex element of the LitPol Link interconnection. The Polish transmission system operates on a 400 kV voltage level and works synchronously with Continental European Network, while the Lithuanian transmission system operates on a 330 kV voltage level and works synchronously with the IPS/UPS system. This converter station will make it possible to transfer power between the two electricity systems functioning within two different synchronous operational zones. Artūras Vilimas, CEO of “LitPol Link”

LitPol Link interconnection is a part of BEMIP, the Baltic energy markets interconnection plan, aiming to create an integrated market around the Baltic Sea. The construction of the link will substantially increase the region’s power security. The energy infrastructure is planned to be made available to participants in the electricity market from the early 2016.

This interconnection will eliminate still existing energy islands from the European Union electricity markets’ map, since Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia currently has no connection to the electricity infrastructure of the Continental Europe. In addition, the LitPol Link interconnection will provide not only a new source of energy supply, but also will ensure market integration of the whole Baltic Sea region. Artūras Vilimas, CEO of “LitPol Link”

The investment to LitPol Link is EUR 430 million in Poland and EUR 150 million in Lithuania. The Polish-Lithuanian power interconnection project LitPol Link is on the list of PCI, Projects of Common Interest of the European Union.

About LitPol Link company

The “LitPol Link” company is an international coordinator of the preparatory and construction works for the implementation of Lithuanian-Polish power interconnection LitPol Link. Established in May 2008, “LitPol Link” company is owned by Litgrid and PSE, the Lithuania’s and Poland’s electricity transmission system operators.

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