Works on Poland – Lithuania connection are continued on overhead line track in Lithuania

July 3, 2015

Works on connection Poland – Lithuania continue on overhead line track in Lithuania. Foundations of thirty pylons will be re-designed and changed. The most intensive works on Poland – Lithuania connection are currently carried out on a different part of the connection –Back-to-Back converter station, where equipment is being installed.

Works are going to start this week by lifting from foundations corner pylons, and by dismantling foundations. Committee, made up of State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate, State Energy Inspectorate, Fire Protection Inspectorate and other agencies, and also including the project developer and contractor representatives examine the causes of an accident that happened on the 1st of April. A detailed analysis made by the group of independent experts has shown, that the foundations of the corner pylons were not designed properly. It was decided to re-design foundations and to change them with new ones. The Committee has authorized to remove over the ground part of the pylons from foundations.

A few weeks-long examination of foundations and pylons of power line Alytus – Polish border was carried out in order to ensure that professionals constructing the line are safe and that the required quality is maintained. Discovered shortcomings exemplify the errors made by the contractors during the design stage, which was also not discovered by the company which has carried out an independent expertise. In infrastructure projects, objective of which is to serve tens of years these shortcomings are not acceptable. Now first of all, we need to correct the errors, to re-design and install foundations, and to continue works of connection construction. Karolis Sankovski, management board member and director of Strategic Infrastructure Department of “Litgrid”

Corner pylons – these are power line cables bearing metal structures, constructed at the turns of electricity transmission line. On the future power line that is 51 km long in Lithuania, 30 pylons out of a 150 total pylons are “corner pylons”. 

This week over the ground part of fifteen corner pylons will be removed from foundations, and foundations will be dismantled. After the geological tests and after design of new foundations, these will be assembled one more time. The remaining fifteen corner pylons are not removed from foundations yet. 

It is planned that all works on 400 kV overhead power line Alytus – Polish state border will be finished by the end of October. At that time also tests of the connection will start.

LitPol Link grid connection consists of three parts – transformer stations in Ełk and in Alytus, back-to-back station next to Alytus substation and high-voltage double-circuit transmission line. Both at the transformer stations and at back-to-back station in Alytus finishing works are carried out, and preparations are made for the final tests of the equipment.

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